New season of SoundMe seminars inaugurated in Warsaw

On 27 November 2017 Piotr Ziółkowski (Ph.D. Student from the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences) presented his research paper ‘Rękopisy chorałowe kościoła Mariackiego w Gdańsku a krzyżacka tradycja liturgiczna’ (‘Chant manuscripts from St Mary’s Church in Gdańsk, and the liturgical tradition of the Teutonic Order’).

SoundMe seminars are chaired by Paweł Gancarczyk and have been taking place at the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences since December 2016. Meetings are typically attended by some 20 researchers and students from various academic institutions in Poland. Speakers include both members of the SoundMe project and invited guests, with papers presented in Polish or English.

Papers presented in the previous academic year:

10 October 2017: Bartłomiej Gembicki (SoundMe, Warsaw team), ‘Claudio Monteverdi i “inne” nieszpory – mity i strategie w nagraniach muzyki dawnej’ (Claudio Monteverdi and ‘other’ Vespers: myths and strategies in early music recordings)

27 February 2018: Jan Ciglbauer (SoundMe, Prague team), ‘Faces of the tradition of Latin songs in pre-Hussite Bohemia’ and Manon Louviot (SoundMe), ‘Interactions between space, sanctity and liturgy in Windesheim monasteries’

27 March 2018: Grzegorz Kos (Frederick Chopin Music University, Warsaw), ‘Nowo odkryte msze Heinricha Fincka – źródła, styl i konteksty’ (Newly-discovered Heinrich Finck’s Masses: sources, style and contexts)

15 May 2018, special lecture: Karl Kügle (SoundMe, Utrecht team), ‘The Koblenz fragments: a new source of late-medieval music, and the aesthetics of late 15th-century bookbindings’ (chaired by Antonio Chemotti)

22 May 2018: Marya Fancey (Fulbright Student, Warsaw/Cracow), ‘Three Masses from the Jan of Lublin Tablature – scribes, cantus firmi, and compositional models’