SoundMe at the HERA Early Career Researcher event

HERA Early Career Researchers in Smolenice.

HERA Early Career Researchers in Smolenice.

Antonio Chemotti, Bartłomiej Gembicki and Manon Louviot attended the Early Career Researcher (ECR) event organised by HERA, which took place 23-26 September 2018 at Smolenice Castle in Slovakia.

During → this event, HERA offered 60 ECRs from the HERA programme the opportunity to network with each other, share research insights, reflect on work to date, and engage in workshops designed to support researcher development.

As part of this event, Chemotti, Gembicki and Louviot presented posters focused on their individual research.

PDFs of the posters can be found here:

→ Louviot – Be a reformer of the 15th century!
→ Gembicki – Be an early music producer in the 21st century!
→ Chemotti – Musical past an regionalism in early modern Silesia