Video recording of SoundMe workshops in Prague and Warsaw

The Warsaw and Prague teams produced a short documentary video on the workshops “Preserving and Transforming Sound Memories”, held in Prague (10 April 2018) and Warsaw (13 April 2018). The clip includes a report about some of the research conducted by members of the SoundMe project, as well as pieces performed by Anonymous III. Students from the former Soviet Republic of Georgia and from the United States of America share their experiences as participants of the workshops.

The 10-minute report was filmed by Mateusz Trojan (Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences), with the collaboration of Jakub Mycek-Kwieciński. The production was overseen by Paweł Gancarczyk. The YouTube ‘SoundMe HERA Research Project’ channel also carries video-clips from other events organised by the project members.