Public Lectures by Gancarczyk, Kügle and Rankin at Oxford conference on music fragments

19-21 March 2018

Karl Kügle (Utrecht team), Susan Rankin (Cambridge team), and Paweł Gancarczyk (Warsaw team) presented recent research results at the international fragmentology conference Membra disiecta musicae convened by Dr Giovanni Varelli at Magdalen College, University of Oxford.

Using the example of Bohemia, Paweł related the survival of different types of music to the specific milieus cultivating them, leading to very different uses of the past in differing social groups in the same region of Europe.

Karl presented his reconstruction of the Koblenz fragments and reviewed the aesthetic components involved in the act of fragment production in the bookbinder’s workshop, exemplified in the Koblenz manuscript by the choice of two motets that reflect the new and the old owner of the host manuscript, creating an object of subtle beauty out of waste materials.

Susan discussed a fragment from Müstair (Switzerland) that, through its sheer presence, provides vital evidence for the early history of music manuscripts in late Carolingian Europe.

Go to → to find the programma of the conference ‘Disiecta Membra Musicae – The Study of Medieval Music Manuscript Fragments’. It opens as a PDF in a new tab.